Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Prospect HillCamp GriffinVirginiaJan 26th /62Dear Mother

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It is sabath eve and I seat myself to write to you I am well as ever and hope that this may find you the same you say that you have not hurd from me in a long time this past week I have writen two letters to you but before that I have not writen for a long time Lauren & Merrion have writen two or thre times & I have not ressured them it is not because I have not enough love and do not think of you it is becaus I have not had any thing to write on nor had any thing to get them with but am have got paged now and I shall have things but it may not do long gone this regiment & all the regiments on this side of the Potomac are under marching orders we are wating for it to freaze so that the Chatilerz can move it froze all last night & to day & is still growing colder & probaly we shall move this week we have got tents that came into Camp

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last night whitch are for marching they are in thre [      ] & large enough for thre man & this men have got to cary them in our knapsack & they are to fixed that on a march when we want to Camp we take our guns tink two guns into the ground that is we fix bayonets stick the bayonets into the ground take the third mans gun and lay it on the buts of the other two ther we throw the cloth over the guns & the tent is put up ready for guns, those is only from teams going with a regiment we shall have to live evry thing bihind but what we can cary on our backs it is thought that this were will be closed up in a short time I may live to see the [     ] of it & may not it is not for me to say I hope to see you & sister & all my reletions & friends & gain Pery Fletcher & wife has ben heer probably Mrs Samson has got M letter we do not want the box yet for we do not know where we shall be I send some orders in this for my pay nothing mor this time giv my best respict to all mutch love to all your self tell M & L I will write to them this week

from your sonH H Wilder