Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Mrs Joseph Hayward


Wiliamsburg VaMay 7th 1862Dear Mother

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Yourse of the 30th come to hand last night it found me as usual and an other Union Victory is gained since my last York Town is worse and and two hundred prisoners I will try to give you a history of the battle as far as I know last Sabath morn Channcy Merrill & myself waked up the Sun had not risen but it was a splendid morning we all three took a walk down to the batries all was still not a gun to be hurd we looked over to the Enimies works and all was still thare we went back to the Company nothing going on unusual yet the Co falls in for breakfast stop what do we hear fall in under arms is the order we fall in without breckfast and the Regt startes & marches down when we three had ben there was 9 usual Smith and staf Genral Brooks and all the Ofisers of rank the

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5th Vt was the first than we was ordered acros the river and went you may try to imagine the surprise & astonishment of the 5th when we got into the Rebels works and not a man of the enemy than they had gone there comenced the persuits the Army all started marched all day come up with the rear guard of the Enamy quest at night had a little brush but if no importance we then encamped for the night some time in the night it comeneced to rain morning com at last and with it comeneced the fight and continued to rian Hankocks Brigade Sickels and Davidsons Son the fiting it lasted all day as well as the rain they took all the Rebels works and mustered them Brooks had his men in rediness all day and started for the field twise but was ordered back so you see I was not in actual engagment night come at last and we put up the tents and [    ] down for the night some time in the night it stoped raining morning come and with it come a plesant

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day we marched on to the field when the fight was we come up onto a visc of ground by the side of our of their earth works and stoped we looked out on the field in front of us than was small black spots all over the field what was they ah! they wer the [         ] of the enamy that the Rifle and christer and grape shot from our guns had layed low to let you know somthing of it one shot from one of our canons [     ] with canister killed all but [    ] from our Co in the 5th North Carolina Regt I was buisey all the fornoon yesterday helping cary of the wounded prisoner and of all the rights & ever see that was a worot I will nto try to discribe it I will give a discription of one nor worse than a great many other the balls for than was two our wint in at his mouth I think it must have ben open for it did not [     ] his life nor teath this one come out on the back of his neck the other [    ]through

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his life thare is two hundred of the wounded prisoners I dont know the exact number killed betwen 6 and 7 hundred in all the as on what one Brigade killed we are not without some loss it is stated that the [    ] loss of killed wounded & missing is two thousand the Rebels have left this plase enterly it is not known whose they have gon it is thought they have gon to Ritchmond we are going down that way in a short time New Orleans is in our posesion Buragard has left Corinth they are all on the retreat and at no far distant day I hope to see the end of affare we are in the rear that is this Devision and in all probablity we shall not see any more of the enamy for a

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long time to come and perhaps never it is now thought by all that this war is about done and that one or two short months will fetch the Rebels to turns I think of nothing more this time so

good by
give my best respects to all
mutch love to yourselfH H Wilder