Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Camp on the ChickahomenyJune 11th /62Mother

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Yours of the 1th came to hand last nite it found me as much in good health and spirits I will answer your questions as far as I am able with a great deal of planner in regard to what Channey has writen about Merrill is false and something that Merrill knows nothing about Merrill is the same as at home although I think he reads the Bible more for that he dos evry day but as for takking to the bugs on the subgect he dos not keep this still as it write create hard feelings time will show to you and others the trutfulness of this if he livs to get home tell Franky that I shall keep that lock in [        ] his give my love to his also to Uncle & Aunt Carter I must write to Frank you speak of the day wether I wish you could have some of the rain that we have it rains evry other day evry thing looks fine peaches lots of them will be ripe on the weeks [    ] pairs black beans in abundance as for living in Va I could not say how I should like it as we are not in a very good way to judge but as far as I have seen them

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is nothing to present northern people living in Va thare is as good waters as at the north good springs and plenty of the wharever we have been and it has not ben so hot but that white raft could work if than disposition would let them I think that I shall goe home for a visit if nothing more when I get out of this if alive about the living it is simple but will take over time and paper hard crackers we have evry day coffee thre times a day beans thre time a week with fresh meat leaks soop once a day this soop is vegetables sutch as you your for the same purpose at home only this is prcoed and dried for Army your salt beaf we have all the time this is what we live on washing I do myself as I find is the best way the fine collers and shirts are usless as thare is no badis but of coller and they are rather old steap on the ground yes any whare it makes no diference drop down and steap git up and goe to work rain or shine makes no diference a person acustom to this life is healthies than living in a [     ] as far as the enlisting is conserned I would do the same under the same sisrustances this War it is true is a terrible war and you People at home do not see the teror of it as we see it I would like to see the Old hous mutch more the inmates imagination tilts me how it looks I could send you a girt if there was any way of doing it and a good on to

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thare has never any [       ] and Whisky don me any good more neves will as long as I have my reason and strength it may do som good in sutch caus but very seldon I think if I am not the same that I was on leving home it will be through ignorance I [    ] to have some regard for myself as will as for my Mother & Sister time [      ] to me that I have not gained for myself what I mite if the past had ben ritty improved but part time can never be neaded I have the present and future to gain what mite of been gained in the past than has ben an others hard faught battle since my last I do not know mutch about it this is all with the exception that we was victorious Damon Hunter of the Vilage was in the fight and badly wounded his left leg was taken of above the knee and write arm unjointed at the shoulder he started for home two days ago we are about five miles from kitchward fortging whom we shall be in the City is not known this is all I think of now give my love to all mutch love to yourself write often and I will try and do the same

good by
From your ever afectionate SonH H Wilder