Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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June 25th /62Dear Mother

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Yourse of the 16th I got yesterday it found me as usual in good health and very confatable you speak about, my letters as though they wer few and far between I think that you do not get them all as I write very often they have all ben directed with a pensil perhaps the writing rubed out so they could not tell whare to send them ther is nothing new to write about evry thing goes on after the same old sort mort of the Co has gon on Prignet this morning Cap E S Stowll starts for Vt this week Saturday he is to

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be Mager of the 9th Regt I suppose Mother thare is nothing new to write about all that I can write is that I am well it is a dull plase for news evry thing is ready as far as I know for a fight but where it will com if ever I know not when the fall of Ritchmond comes then the Vt boys will go home You speak of the death of Aunt [      ] how dos Uncle Lauren seam to feel he will not build this Simon will he it is a hard blow for him but thare is a time for all and when it comes friends cannot save us it is evning now and thare is a little news to write thare has ben a fight on the left to day how hard is not know are thare has ben chronalting

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on the right all day this is about all it has ben plesant all day and the moon shines bright to night thare is some lovley evnings down hear as I ever see with the exception of friends and avaintances has Father drawn my aloted pay let me know in your next we are payed of tomorrow up to the first of May I think of nothing more this time give my respects to all mutch love to your self good by

from your afectionate
SonH H Wilder