Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp in the Fieldnear Newport NewsApril 1st 62Dear Sister

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I take this opportunity to write you a few lines to let the folks know that I am well as usual I wrote you when we were at camp near Alexandria and gave you a history of our proceedings up to that time Since that time we have been bursy marching and countermarching

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March 23rd we left camp near Alexandria and marched to that place and toock the Steamer for some part lower the river. that night we lay at anchor opposite Mount Vernon and the next morning proceeded down the river in company with about a dozen other Steamers but they left us in a short and we had to go the rest of the way alone for our boat was so heavy loaded that they daired not go very fast that night or rather the next morn we arived at Fortress Monroe at about 2 O’clock and lay to untill

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daylight and then proceeded to Hampton where we landed and marched about three miles and camped for the night. We remained there untill the 27th when we started and marched toward Yorktown. We drove the enemys pickets in and camped for the night within about twelve miles of Yorktown and the next morning for some reason we were ordered to fall back about eight miles and camp where we are at present. to-day we were called out and lay on our armes untill about one O’clock when we returned

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will not any more write soon

From your aff. BrotherL S Williams