Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp near Bell Plain Va. Jan 29th 1863 Dear Sister

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I received yours of the 19th inst in due time and as I have nothing to do to day I thought I would spend a few moments in answering it. I am well as usual and I hope these few lines will find you all well and happy. Since I wrote you last we have had a pretty tough time of it and no mistake but I stood it well. On the morning of the' 20th we broke up camp and left our comfortable quarters and started with the intention of again crossing the Rappahannock River. The roads were good and the weather fine and all things

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looked favoriable to us. We were to go up on this side of the river and cross above Fredericksburg and its fortifications and as we were on the left-wing of our army It was a rather long and hard march to reach the desired point which we reached about dark and camped for the night when it shortly commenced raining and rained all night and the next day and night making the roads impassible for our artillery, baggage and Pontoon trains The 21st we worked all day drawing the Pontoon through the muck up to our knees and got back to where we started from in the morning tired and hungry where we remained all night and the next day and night and the next morning we started back for our b log

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cabins where we arrived about 3 O Clock P.M. having been absent four days with only three days rations.

When we got back we found Sgt J. G. Macomber there and I was glad to see him and no mistake on more accounts than one.

Now he has got back I am relieved from the orderly dutys and now I shall have plenty of time to write and run around and see my friends.

I received a letter from Mary Ray to day and I think that after drl dinner I shall try and answer it.

Tell Father I think there will be no trouble in sending the box now if they will send it. Our Captain who has been absent

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since the 10th of last month got back to us to-day and we were all glad to see him The boys are all well as usual Give my respects to all inquiring friends and a kiss for Carrie.

Yesterday and last night snow fell here to the debth of six inches and now the mud is any thing but pleasant.

Write soon and often and please send me a few postage stamps

From your Aff.
Brother Lyman S.Williams