Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp of the 1st Vt. Brigade nearBoonsboro Md. July 9th A.D. 1863 Dear Sister.

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I am going to write you only a short letter this P.M. as I have been marching all of the A.M. and am somewhat tiard but as it has been a long time since I have had a chance to write I will try and write a few lines for I know that you must be getting anxious about me. Well I am well as usual except being a little foot sore on account of long and hard marches in the rain and mud and I find that the rest of the boys are the same only some are much worse than I but we are all willing to march our legs off up to our knees if we can only destroy Gen Lee's army and finish

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the good work already commenced and still going on. The day we marched to Gettysburg we marched thirty five miles and carried our knapsacks and after that we were taken on to the field and lay in line of battle all night where we all supposed the hardest fighting would be but the rebels did not see fit to try us at all as they had tryed us often enough so we were not in the fight to any extent. We came on to the field the 2nd at night and remained there untill the 5th when we found that the rebels were retreating and they started our Corps in pursuit We came up with their rear guard that night at about 5 oclock and had a scurmish with them but their position was such and their force so large that our Gen did not think proper

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to attack them there so we waited for them to fall back which they did during the next day and then we left one brigade to look after them and the rest of Vt us came on and arrived here about noon to day. Last night we camped near the 2nd Vt. Brigade and I went over and see all of the boys and had a good time. The 13th started for home this morning. I saw a few of the boys this morning and I am glad that they are going home safe I sent a bundle of letters home by Alf. Olmstead which I want you to lay away with those I left when there as I wrote a few lines to Nathan this P.M. We have had no mail for a long time nor any chance to write or send one if we did write The next time I write I will tell you more and I will write

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as soon as I get a chance. Write soon and often. I will not try to tell any thing about war matters this time as I only wrote to let you know that I was all right etc.. from your aff Brother

Lyman S. Williams