Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Letter No 25Camp of the 6th Regt Vt. Vol. Near Brandy Station Va. Dec. 6th 1863. My Dear Sister

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It is now 9 O’clock P.M. but I will try and write you a few lines to night to pay for your’s Nos. 22 & 23 which I received yesterday and I need not tell you that I was glad to get them and in particular the last one for I must say that you wrote me a good and a long letter for which I thank you I am always glad to get a Letter from home and to hear from my dear sister and

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and other dear friends at home and you do not know how disappointed I am if I do not get a letter just so often from you. You need never fear but what your letters will always find a warm welcome with me. I presume that you have worried your dear self almost to death for fear that I am sick so I will now releave you on that score. I am well and enjoying myself well at present. When I wrote you before I had been sick for three or four days and excused from duty. at that time we expected to start the next morning early but it rained all day so we did not start untill the morning of the 26th Thanksgiving day. we we toock an

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early breackfast and started on our march and crossed the Rapidan about midnight and camped. The march was a hard one for me as I had not eaten anything for three days previous and we had no chance to get anything to eat that day untill late in the evening. The next morning I felt better and by night I was feeling well as ever Friday we supported the 3rd Corps and Saturday we moved to the left and occupied a position on the right of the 2nd Corps Sunday we rested all day and at 1 O’clock in the morn of Monday we moved to the right intending to attact the enemy at day- light but owing to the strength of their position it was not done but we had to lay there

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on the ground untill dark Monday night without any fire and it was most bitter cold so that we nearly froze we then moved back to our old position and remained untill Tuesday night when we fell back across the Rapidan marching all night and the most of the boys had only enough to eat for breackfast and some had nothing so we divided We did not get back here untill Thursday night when we drew Rations so you see we only had two meals in two days but the boys did not grumble Taking the cold and all this last march has been the hardest march we have ever had still we had no fighting except a little bit of scumishing to keep our spirits up &c.

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You said you thought I might tell you whether Miss M. M. G. was ever going to become Mrs. M.M.W. well I am sure I cannot tell whether it will become Mrs M.M.W. or M.M.T. or some other Letter for I am not posted in such matters and she has never told me whether she intends to change her name after the war or before it ends either you would be more apt to know such things than I who am so far away Frank received one Letter from Rev. D. Lewis a No. of days ago and I answered it but whether Frank will be able to get a furlough or not I do not know. He wants to and it has been sent in to head qrs. But I must close this for this time. from your aff. brother

Lyman S. W-