Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp of the 6th Regt. Vt. Vols.Near the Rail-Road Fivemiles from Petersburg Va. June 25th 1864Dear Sister Lois

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I recd. a Letter from you this morning and I need not to tell you that it was welcome to me as your letters always are for I love to hear from home now as well as I ever did and I love the folks at home as well as ever. I wrote to you on the 7th and again on the 19th and I think once becide but am not certain but Mary tells me she has recd. none since the one that was written

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on the 5th but I presume that you both have received some before this. Your letter was post marked the 20th I also got a letter from Mary this morning In which she says that she likes her new brother & Canada Cousin very much. I wish I were there to see them to. You must give my love to Cousin Sarah McLane and tell her that I wish I were there to visit with her. How long is she going to stay in Vermont &c. &c. and how are all the folk in Canada. Tell Nathan to write to me and tell me all about his visit to Canada and the folks there &c. I have had nothing to do to day for

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the most of the Regt. are out on picket and I should have gone to but at the time they went out I was on other duty so I did not go. so all I have had to do to day has been to sit in my tent and keep as cool as possible and write letters but it is almost impossible to keep cool it is so hot but one of my boys has been off and got a lot of ice and so I have a pail of ice water in my tent to drink when I choose It is very dry and dusty here as we have had no rain this month to speak of & I do not know as we shall have for a month to come We are near the Petersburg & Welden R.R. and have took

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up about six miles of the track & burned a bridge &c. I am well as usual and in good spirits. You say that you have heard that I was a Lt. well I am. My Commission was dated the 15th of last month and I received it on the 5th of the month and was mustered into the service as an officer on the 6th inst and have been doing duty as such ever since I am 2nd Lt. in Co. “C.” of this Regt. and you may tell Aunt Loretta that I am ahead of Brownell now if he was ahead of me last winter as he is now only 1st Sergt. in Co. “I.” and if I had not been promoted he would not have been Orderly now. You must not hesitate to

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direct your letters to Lt. L S Williams Co. C 6th Vt. Vols. and I shall get them I wrote to Father on the 6th or 7th but as the letter may be lost I will tell you what I wanted and you can tell him and that is some money as we have not been paid for some time and I want the money to pay for my Saber and Equ- ipments and some clothes as I have to clothe myself now. The amount I wanted is $50 dollars if he can send it to me. If he has not got my letter and sent it already he may send it by Alf Douglas or some of the

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boys that are at home and are going to return to the Regt. soon if not he can send it by mail and charge the same to my account I saw Frank Austin to day and he is well as usual He is close by us at present. Orman is well so is Lt Fletcher and Barna Mattimore and Mortimer Lister and the rest of the boys. The Capt of my Co. was wounded on the 5th of May and went to Vt and has not got back yet but we expect him soon. The 1st Lt is a fine fellow and an excilent officer and we are the best of friends His name is Henry N Bushnell We are having a quite easy time of it to day and expect

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to stay here a few days If we do it will be the first easy time since we left camp on the 4th of May Still we may move in an hower as the report from the picket line is that the Enemy are moving to our left on the other side of the Rail-Road and perhaps they will try to turn our left and drive us back but they will meet with a warm reception if they attact us here but some think that they are pulling back from Richmond and are on the way to North Carolina but time will decide which is right and which is wrong. I should like to be at home very well at present but Uncle Sam wants all his soldiers

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in the field at this time and I am willing to stay and do my duty the best I can. Day before yesterday the 4th & 11th Regts lost a good number of Prisoners as they were on the scurmish line and the enemy turned their flank and got into their rear and gobbled them up through the carlessness of some of the officers in Command. But I have written you a long letter already and so I will stop. I want you to write often to me and I will try and do the same by you. Give my love to all the folks at home and to Cousin Sarah if she is there.

This from your Aff. Brother L.S. Williams Lt. Co. C.
6th Vt. Vols.