Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp of the 6th Regt. Vt. Vols.Near the Petersburg andWelden R.R. about fivemiles from Petersburg Va. June 28th 1864 Dear Father.

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I take this opportunity of ack- nowledge the receipt of the money $50.00 which you sent me, all safe and correct, this morning. also to inform you that I am well as usual &c. We are now resting quietly in camp but and have been for the last few days as we are on the extreme left flank of the Army and are having an

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easy time of it compared with what we have since the 4th of May. but how long it will last is not certain. We are very buisy now making out our company papers and reports as to-day is the first time that we have had a chance to do so since we left camp.

The Army have a great deal of confidence in the Commanding Gen U.S. Grant and they are confident that the most of the fighting will be done this summer if it has not been already. I do not think we shall have any more such hard fighting as we had in

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the wilderness. I am glad that Nathan is out of the service and I hope he will regain his health soon and be able to go to work for himself Remember me to all the folks at home &c.

Capt. Dwinell of my Co came back yesterday and brought me the following articles Saber $10.00 Sack Coat $10.25 Haversack 4.50 Valese 4.00 Belt 4.25 Making in all a bill of $33.00 so you see it costs something to commence with but I intend if I am spared to be as saving as I can and not appear stingey. The last of this month the U.S. Government will owe us four months

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pay but when we shall get our pay I do not know. You can settle up with the state my account of State pay &c. It is a general time of health here at present.

This from your aff son Lt. Lyman S. Williams
Co. “C.” 6th Regt. Vt Vols