Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Head Qr’s 6th Regt. Vt. Vols.Five miles from Leesburg Va.Sunday July 17th 1864 Dear Sister

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Again I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines this morn to let you know that I am still in good health and also to give you a short account of my travels for the last week. Last Saturday night (the 10 9th) we left our position on the left of the army in front of Petersburg at about 11 O’clock P.M. and marched all night and arri- ved at City Point Monday Sunday morn at 6 A.M. remained there untill 4 P.M. when we went on board of the steam

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transport Webster and started down James river and passed the Iron clad ram Atlanta taken from the rebels at Savanah anchored just above Fort Powhatan and came to anchor about 8 O’clock P.M. and lay there untill day light Tuesday Monday morning when we again started on our voyage down the river passing Fort Monroe and then up the Chesapeak bay and into the Potomac river and ancored about 8 O’clock P.M. a little below Aquia Creek for the night Wednesday Tuesday morn started early and arrived at Washington about 10 A.M. and immediatly went ashore at the foot of Seventh St. and marched up that St. to Fort Stevens and arrived there about

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noon. The enemy were there about 800 yards from the Ft and had been within 300 yds. but the 3rd Brigade of our Div. arrived there first and went out and drove their scurmish line back At a little before dark the rebs attacted them but they found those there that they did not expect and were driven back with a conciderable loss. A little after dark our Brigade went out and releaved the 3rd Brigade and there was no fighting after that save a little scumishing and during the night they retreated and left us masters of the field Thursday Wednesday morn we got up early and scouted all over the country for three or four miles out and found

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nothing of the enemy save a few stragglers and about 75 wounded and a good many dead. We captured about 50 stragglers and then were releaved about noon and went back to camp in the rear of Fort Stevens and remained there untill about 4. P.M. when we started in pursuit of the rebs. and marched all night resting only about 3 hours Friday Thursday we marched to Poolsville and camped for the night had a scurmish with the rebs Lay in camp all day and night Friday. Saturday we started and came up with the rear guard of the rebs. at Whites Ford on the Potomac and one of our batterys shelled them for a few moments when they fled and we commenced

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fording the river. The river is here about 65 rods wide and about from two to four feet deep where we waded it and then marched to Leesburg arriving there about 4 P.M. and rested. The rear of the rebels passed through Leesburg about half an hour before we got there. After resting awhile we continued our march to this place where we arrived at dark and camped for the night. Sunday morn. I have done nothing but write I have written to Mary and now I am writing. Leesburg is the prettyest village in all Va and is situated among the hills in a beautifull country. I should like to live here

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first rate if it were not for the war. I do not know what we are going to do now whether we shall continue to follow the enemy any longer or leave him to Gen. Hunter. Gen Hunters forces captured sixty two wagons and 400 prisoners from the enemy of last night. Our Mayerland Campain has been short this time as the rebels did not care to stay long after they found the 6th Corps were there to fight them yet they had more than four times our number. I am well. how are you all at home and what are you all doing &c. &c. Lt. Fletcher started for home with the Regt. Saturday morn. their time being

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out. I was sorry and glad to see them go. Sorry to loose their help and society and glad that they were going home to their friends Is Cousin Sarah there with you still if so give her my respects. I do not feel like writing more now Give Carrie a kiss for me and write to me often.

This from your aff. BrotherLt. L S Williams
Co. “C.” 6th Regt
Vt. Vols.