Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp of the 5th Vt. Vols.Near Harrisburg Va.Oct. 3rd 1864.Dear Sister

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Again I take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you to let the folks know that I am still in the land of the living and enjoying good health as usual. I have received no letters from you for the last three weeks and I do not know as you intend to write to me again but if you do not you may make up your mind that I shall write to you once in a while whether I get any letters from you or not. I will not try

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to give you a history of what we have been doing since I wrote you last but will commence with yesterday. Well yesterday morn at an early hour we started from camp with 400 picked men from this brigade and went off into the mountains after guerrilla &c. well we traveled untill noon and then started back. We captured 14 guerrillas and a large quantity of Cider Brandy and I am sorry to say that a good share of the officers and men got drunk as well as our guide so we had to return to camp. We picked up a large drove of Cattle &c. Our Cavalry had a fight with the rebels a few miles from us yesterday and

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drove the rebels 5 miles and captured 230 prisoners &c. This morning we had orders to move at an early hour but the order has been countermanded and we are now expecting to be paid sometime to day as the Pay-master is here and is paying off the Brigade. I am with the 5th Regt now and have been since the 18th of Sept. and I presume I shall have to stay here untill I can get back to the Regt. which will be three or four weeks probably. I do not like to stay here for I have a good deal of work to do as I have command of two Companys. I wrote to Nathan a few days ago

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but I have not had a letter from him since he left Vt. I see Cousin O. P. Ray quite often and he is as well as usual. I want to know if the Town of Essex has done anything toward paying the town bounty to the veterans who enlisted last winter and if they are going to do anything for us if not we intend to see if we can do anything toward making them pay it. I would like to hear from you if you can spare the time to write a few lines I will not write more at this time

This from your aff. brother L.S. Williams
Direct to Co. C. 6th Vt