Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp of the 5th Regt. Vt. Vols. Near Strasburg Va.Oct 23rd Dear Sister

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As I have a few moments leisure this P.M. I will improve a few of them in writing to you It has been some time since I wrote to you and I have received only one letter from you in a long long time and I am in hopes that now it will be so that I can write to you all oftener then I have been able to do for the last month at least but this must be my excuse. I went into the 5th Regt. a little over a month ago and I found

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everything there at loose ends and it toock every moment of my spare time to straiten out and arrange things there so that together with our marches, fighting & picket duty my time was all occupied & I did not feel like writing I returned to my Regt. the 16th of this month and now I have my hands full there as I have had two Companys here beside a good many other dutys to perform but I am in hopes that I shall not have so much to do for the future. I am well tough and hardy as ever. Now I will tell you of our fight of the 19th of this month just one month from our victory at Winchester. In the

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first place our line was formed in this manner. The 8th Corps occupied the left of our Infantry, the 19th Corps the Center and our Corps (the 6th) the right of the army, then came the Cavalry on still further on the right. The Enemy had been heavily reinforced and came around the left of our army and surprised the pickets and attacted the 8th Corps before they were out of their [bases] and before day light completely surprising them and driving them back in confusion on to the 19th and they in turn gave way and then our Corps toock the front and held the enemy in check for two hours or more when we were compeled us to fall back as they had turned

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boath our flanks and the rebels had it all their own way and captured a number of prisoners, a number of pieces of Artillery and Camp and Garrison Equipage and some clothing and not only defeating us but it was a complete rout. During the A M. things look gloomy enough but just then Gen Sheridan came up from Martinsburg riding for dear life and as soon as the men saw him those that were going to the rear faced about and started for the front again and those of us that had already formed line again moved forward and held the enemy untill Sheridan had reformed the army in line. When Sheridan came in sight and you ought to have

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[heard] the boys cheer him as he rode along our lines. Everything loocked as cheering and a few moments before it had looked gloomy. Even the wounded who he met along the line raised their voices in cheer after cheer as he came in sight. Such is the confidence we have in our noble General.

After Gen. Sheridan had seen that all was as he wished he ordered the bugles sounded to advance when the whole line started the 6th Corps in front We in turn turned their left and pushing on drove every thing before us recapturing what we had lost in the morning and over a thousand prisoners a number of battle flags their

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their whole train of waggons and all their artillery numbering upwards of thirty pieces more than they toock from us in the morning and scattered and completly routing them and drove them beyond Wood- stock The day turned out a glorious day for us and the Union. I cannot tell our loss in killed and wounded yet. In our Regt. we lost two Capts wounded viz. Kinney & Kenedy. In my Co.”I” we lost three wounded viz. Corpl. Boyington, Privates Mathers & Porter. Sergt. Swan and Privates Tebo and Lister are missing. You do not know any of them but Mortimer Lister and we are in hopes that he will come in in a few days. I escaped unhurt

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but was struck twice with spent balls but I am all right yet. Our Division is now encamped about Strasburg in advance of our army doing picket duty and I have just come in from a two days picket tour. We now hold Fishers hill which is strongly fortified and has always been considered the strongest position in the valley. We have now only three officers with us in the Regt. so we are all kept pretty buisy at present. I received a letter from Nathan a few days ago and shall answer it to night if I have to set up all night. Give my love to all the folks at home and remember that I am always glad to get a letter from

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you. I cannot write much more at present Give Carrie a kiss for me. &c.

This from your aff brother Lyman S Williams
Co. C. 6th Regt.
Vt. Vols.
Washington D.C.

Oct 24th
I want a pair of light gloves sent to me by mail also a few ten cent stamps. Postage stamps I mean. I will also send Cheque of 50. dollars which I want you to hand to Father for him to get the money on to pay for the fifty which he sent me.