Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Battalion 6th Vt. VolsMarch 10th 1865Dear Sister

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I will improve a few mom- ents now in writing to you. It has been a long time since I wrote to you and I am almost ashamed of myself for it but I have been so buisy for the last two weeks making out my monthly Returns for January & Feb. and my muster rolls for the Company &c. &c. that I have not had a moments leisure but now I have them all completed and I can have a little time to myself I am well as usual and if it was pleasant now days I should be feeling well but it has rained nearly every day for the last week and it is raining and gloomy out of doors and of course it is rather gloomy in doors also. I always feel lonely and uncomfortable when the weather is such I received a letter from Nathan night before last and he is as well as usual

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but complains of hard times there for work but is in hopes to get work soon he is still in Chicago Ills. I have written to him to day. I expect that Orman Ray will start for home now in a day or two. I saw him yesterday and he tell me that he expects to go now soon. I am glad that he is going for Mary must want to see him. I am glad on her account as well as his. I had a letter from Canada a while ago and they tell me that they have not heard from you folks at home since Mother come from there. How do you like your school this summer spring and do you think of teaching this summer What is the news at home and what are all the folks doing there now days. Has the snow all gone yet and have you had any new sugar yet. The Army has been paid off now but I did not get much pay and if it will keep me untill next pay day I shall be satisfied. I hope that you are all well at home and that you will be for a long time to come. The war news still continues to be

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cheering and I feel confidant that if our forces do not meet with any serious reverses that this springs Campain will end the war and I should not be surprised if it was ended in four months and the quicker it is done the better it will suit me for I long to return to my friends and loved ones at home to go to war no more. All is quiet along our lines and deserters still continue to come in Sheridan has won a Victory in the Valley and still the good work goes bravely on. I have no news to write a moment hoping that I shall hear from my dear sister soon I will close. Give Carrie a kiss for me and tell her to be a good girl. yours as ever.

Lyman S. Williams
Capt. Co. “I.” 6th Vt. Vols.
Washington D.C.