Justin Smith Morrill to George Greenville Benedict, November 13, 1879

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Washington D.C. Nov. 13, 1879
Dear Benedict:
I have your notice of the
meeting of the Trustees in Dec. Of course
I shall be unable to attend, but I
a Law Department might easily be
attached to our Institution and with-
out any cost to us. Like the Medical
Department it would soon pay its way
and be on the road to prosperity. You
have Roberts, Phelps and others at
home competent to take the laboring
oar. I saw Judge Powers broached
the subject at Montpelier, and

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enclose a letter of approval from
Judge [Barrett.]
One thing must be fixed at
the outset -- that it shall be self-
supporting, as were we to use
any of the College Funds the
Farmers would be after us.
After all the thing must fail
unless the bar in your neigh-
borhood will take hold of it
and sustain it with zeal. They
should be alive to a work that
would reflect so much credit
upon themselves and upon
your city. Truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Hon. G.G. Benedict,
Burlington, Vt.