Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, March 15, 1884

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John Sherman,
Thomas F. Bayard,
John P. Jones,
Daniel W. Voorhees,
William B. Allison,
James B. Beck,
Nelson W. Aldrich,
John R. McPherson,
Warner Miller,
Isham G. Harris,
Benjamin Durfee, Clerk.
March 15, 1884.
Dear sir:
I have received your favor
of the 13th instant and have only to
say that it is every year growing
more and more difficult to get
any extension of time of Military
officers assigned to Colleges.
The feeling is very strong that
they ought not to be away from
their regiments longer than three
years. Still I think there is a
surplus of officers which can
well be spared. I do not

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think it is possible to obtain the
consent of the President for another
term of three years for any officer,
but perhaps one year might be
secured. I suppose that the
President will be somewhat controlled
by the Secretary of War and the
Gerneral of the Army; and if it should
happen that they really wanted the
services of Lieut. Tutherly you might
be refused. You can make out
your application in behalf of the
University and College, as President,
and add also the names of the
faculty, if you choose, and I will

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present it to the President, and
do the best I can for you.
The sooner you do it perhaps
the better.
Very truly yours,
Justin S. Morrill
Presd't M.H. Buckham.
Vt University & State Ag. College,
Burlington, Vt.

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