Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, November 21, 1885

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Washington, D.C.
Novem, 21, 1885.
My dear sir;
I have your note of the
19th instant. It is probable
that Lieut. Coffin will remain at
his present station until an ad-
ditional officer is sent to the place,
so that you can correspond with
him at once if you choose.
In relation to a drill-hall,
of course I am unable to give you
any information. It is possible,
if the right man were to approach him

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that Henry Hale might be induced
to do something; but the family, I
believe, have been represented as rather
close-fisted. He has immense
wealth, however.
Very respectfully yours,
Justine S. Morrill
Presd't M.H. Buckham,
Vt. Un. & State Ag. College,
Burlington, Vt.