Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, September 10, 1890

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Strafford, Vt. Sept 10, 1890
My dear Sir:
By the proviso of the Second Section
of the Act approved Aug 30, 1890, you will see that
"Payments of such installments of the appropria-
tion herein made as shall become due to any
State before the adjournment of the regular session
of legislature meeting next after the passage of
this act shall be made upon the assent of the
governor thereof, duly certified to the Secretary
of the Treasury".
The installment is now due, and perhaps
it will not be paid until you have Gov.
Dillingham certify his assent.
After that comes your usual tug of
war. I am satisfied that there will be an
effort made to divert this fund, by the Legislature,
to a separate institution, although the act
prescribes how every dollar shall be expended,

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and although not a dollar can be paid out
for buildings, library +c,+c. Again the act of
1862 required much more than an Agricultu-
ral and Mechanical school--though keeping
this idea as a leading one,--classical studies
were not to be excluded, in fact were
to be established. I mention this because I
think it will be well for you, perhaps with
Mr Miller, to visit Gov. Page at Hydepark
and show him not only what you have
done but what you propose to do. Otherwise
the discontented may get him primed to give
you a slap in the face that might breed trouble
in the Legislature.
Middlebury is merely a classical college,
and Northfield merely a military one, and
they have no antagonistic interests with the
work you are doing, but some of their friends
may envy your prosperity. Therefore I advise
you to seek an early interview with Gov.
Page and I feel that he will do right

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if only the whole facts are properly presented.
I know he is doing all he can to make
himself a first class governor and will be
anxious to make no mistakes.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prest. M. H. Buckham,
Vt. Un. & State Ag. College,
Burlington, Vt.