Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, September 13, 1890

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Strafford, Vt. Sept. 13th, 1890
My dear Sir:
Your favor of the 16th inst
came to hand this evening. Doubtless you
have done all with Gov. Page that may be
This afternoon Mr. E. L. Bass of West
Randolph called upon me enthused with
the idea of a separate Agricultural College,
denouncing the University as a failure, that
there was a prejudice against ag. students, that
the others called them "Dungies", that no one had
in 28 yrs entered, remained the 4 yrs course and
graduated as an Ag. student.
Mr. Bass I believe is a graduate of the Amherst
Mass Ag. College, a farmer and quite intelligent.
I found he had at the State Fair conferred
with a number there and he represented that
all had the same feeling.

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I told him that I thought I felt as deep an
interest in the College's success as anyone
in the State and made as many points
as possible against his theory as I could
in two hours, but I felt that he went away
He pointed out to me that the State
Trustees were mainly lawyers, with no in-
terest in Agriculture. I told him that
was a point easily remedied and that
it would be well to have some farmers
put on to the board this year. This I
think should be very thoroughly looked
after this year by somebody. Get some
broad-minded man--not cranks--and
have them from different parts of the State.
Such a farmer as I believe John L. Barstow to be
of Shelburne.
I have written this very hastily, but
I thought you ought to know what was in
the wind. I do not believe the Separatists

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can win, but I fear they have an opportu-
nity to make something of a contest.
Very Sincerely yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prest. M.H. Buckham,
Burlington, Vt