Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, November 2, 1890

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Strafford, Vt. Nov. 2, 1890
My dear Sir:
After reading what was reported
of Hooker and the Master of the Grange, I spent
two long evenings in pencilling in argument on
the opposite
but when I saw you had appeared
and presented your views, I knew they would
be much better than mine
and I abandoned it.
I have thought, how-
ever that there might be some points which
your attorneys could use, though I cannot take
time write it at full length, nor even to revise
it. You are at liberty to let some one see it, but
on no account do I want my name connected
with it. I have appeared once before the Commit-
tee and I do not want to bore them. Possibly
Chairman Boynton might be willing to adopt
some of the suggestions in making up his re-
port. If so some type writer should copy
the parts you would like inserted, as I do not

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wish that my name should be identified in
his report or in any other way. My public
utterance shows how I stand and where I
propose to stand.
Mr. Benedict is an earnest and cogent
speaker and I hoped he would give you
his aid.
When you have run your eye over the
dozen pages which I shall enclose with this
you may find that all has been previously
much better said. If so, I ask pardon for
abusing so much of your time, and will only
ask you to return the pages to me at once,
and I should be glad to have them returned
even if you should decide to have any part
Now in making up your Trustees
can you not do better without me than
with me, and so have me send in my
resignation, as I cannot meet with you
only once in two years? I think I could

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help more thus than
any other way.
I am head over heels with work in
getting ready with my family to leave
home for the winter, and you must
pardon my slipshod manner.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prest. M. H. Buckham,