Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, May 22, 1893

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Strafford, Vt May 22d, 1893
My dear Sir:
Yours of the 18th inst. has been received.
I have been both alarmed and disgusted by the
Legislative action in N.H., R.I. and Conn., but the
Ag. Colleges in these states did not obtain from their
union with existing institutions such full and com-
plete benefits as were accorded to the Vt. College by
the Vt. University. Their union was very incomplete.
I had expected last year that our Legislature
might be asked to remove the College from Bur-
lington, and had rather laboriously prepared some

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remarks against
as cogent as I could make them,
but I was greatly pleased to find the attitude of
our Governor made it unnecessary for anyone to
touch the subject. It may be a question whether
it would be judicious to start the question now.
You may have more information about it than I
have. It is true that I have been desirous to put
my views on record at some time, and not leave
them to posthumous chances, but I have not
been able to satisfy myself as to the proper time
and place, and I do not know how widely the
antagonism against Burlington has spread. If
I were to make the address as you propose, the
discussion would start in several newspapers
but if they had to meet stubborn facts and

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prudent and timely argument, perhaps the
discussion would do no harm, and personally
it would not cause any loss of sleep, nor deter
from speaking plainly.
Please take the matter once more into
consideration without any regard to me but
solely in the interest of the institution of
which you are the head and front. If your
final conclusion shall be for an address, though
I am now past four-score and not seeking labor, I will
do all I can for you.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prest. M. H. Buckham,