Justin Smith Morrill to George Greenville Benedict, November 5, 1890

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Strafford, Vt Nov. 5, 1890
Dear Benedict:
I send you by mail a copy
of some addresses made at the Amherst Agricul-
tural College three years ago, by which, if you
look at page 60, you will see that this college,
exclusively agricultural, in 22 years had grad-
uate 84 students, who engaged in Agricultural
pursuits, in a state now with about two million
inhabitants or less upon average than 4 per annum.
That would be about a half one per yr. in Vt.
The Republicans will find that the Farmers
League is war. They will try to dictate all
measures hereafter if they succeed in the present
Legislature in the college raid. Shame on
Middlebury and Rutland for their envy of Burling-
ton! -- I start Saturday for Washington.
Yours truly
Justin S. Morrill
Hon. G.G. Benedict,
Burlington, Vt.