Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, November 30, 1898

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United States Senate,
WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 30, 1898
My dear Sir:
Your favor of the 27 inst.
came this mornng. I have written
to Mr. Goodell. If I had succeeded
last year in getting Congress to agree
to continue the appropriations to the
Land Grant Colleges, whether suf-
ficient land revenue had been re-
ceived or not, I might be willing to
to ask for more, but I did'nt suc-
ceed. If now attempted we might lose
$25,000 annually instead of
ing it, and thus prove ourselves no

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wiser than the dog in the fable.
The trouble is that new acquisition
of foreign territory
will require large additions to the
army and navy, and much money
will be required. Early after the 4 of
March more revenue is likely to
be asked for. Taxes will be felt, even
when arguments may not be.
We should wait at any rate
until the people have learned and
appreciated the large number of
soldiers and officers that
were fur-
nished by the Land Grant Colleges
in the late war.
Besides this, we might provoke the
the general hostility of all the lit-
erary Colleges of the country. You

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of course know that even the Vermont
Legislature does nothing for the
college at Burlington without ten-
dering some equivalent to Middlebury
and Northfield.
I am not averse to your hav-
ing more money, but I do not think
it safe to apply to Congress for it
just at this time, if ever.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prest. M.H. Buckham
V.U. & State Ag. Coll.
Burlington, Vt
(I had an interview
with Senator Morrill in

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Washington - he said to
me substantially what he has
written to you and to me. When
I asked him whether the
Morrill annuity is in any
danger he said "I cannot
tell what may take place 15
or 20 years from now, but
I am hereI have no fear so long as
I am here."
M. H. B.