Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, October 28, 1877

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Washington. D.C. Oct. 28, 1877
Prst. M. H. Buckham,
Burlington, Vt
My dear Sir: Your favor of the
26 inst. is at hand, and I should certainly
be glad of any resolutions to which James
might come which would make him
a better man. If his mind could be informed,
his judgment convinced and his will made
strong in Bible knowledge and faith, I
should be glad, but I have no faith in any
sudden enlightenment on this great subject
and believe the backsliders from sensationally
made conversions bring more reproach than

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honor upon the good name of Christians.
The Moody and Sankey revivals may do
some good, but as a whole I regard their
work as fleeting and spasmodic. True Re-
ligion cannot be made to spread like
an epidemic, or brought about by a miracle
but must be the result of intelligent growth.
James is impulsive and would be easily
carried away, I fear, with a new sensation,
not likely to be very lasting in its effects.
I know that many good men favor
the Moody & Sankey method of in-
creasing the members of their churches
and I hope they may not be dis-
appointed as to the ultimate benefits.
Old Congregational ministers have often

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told me that such methods
always ended disastrously, and that
they never gave them encouragement.
Very sincerely yours
Justin S. Morrill
P.S. You speak about bringing about more fidelity
and earnestness in the intellectual life of
James and I hope that nothing is now oc-
curring in the way of omissions which re-
quires excuse.