Elias Fletcher to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1845 October 15

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Paxton Oct 1845Dear Brother & Sister

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yours of Aug 18 was received and should not been this long in the pleasure the perusal of it afforded us, had inclination been consulted but my health has not been very good of late and my time considerably occupied We sent for Maria She has been with us about three weeks - we find it not only a pleasure but a to have her with us at this time

We often think of our in Vt and should consider it a privelige to receive letters frequently and a still greater one could we see you in Mass - May we not hope to? Why not take Craig and come down? I know it is something of a journey yet you might not think find it so much of an undertaking as you now think for - Since we returned when speaking of one friends it was not uncommon to hear "I would like to hear see Craig or I wish Craig was here - Since Maria came its how I wish Craig was here - how I wish I could see Craig" - When looking forward to the time when we may hope to meet again with our friends we are reminded by the changes that are taking place around us, and within the circle of our own friends that uncertainty is written upon whatever respects the future Today the bell tolled for a little boy about the age of C__ who a few hours before his death was about the house - The parents are left with but one other; Last week Mrs G[       ] a sons

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wife of Esq. G[       ] died leaving a little infant three days old - married about a year since - The same day an old gentleman over eighty years was buried

Thus we see no age is exempt from death, and when we see one taken away in the midst of life and to human are more than ever needed in their family, Survivors are Shown in a peculiar manner their dependence upon god and are led to refelect upon the uncertainty of all things below If we are only prepared for our last great change, it is of but little consequence as you justly observed when our saviour calls

I know not how it is with you, but we feel we are too much engaged with our worldly business things that will afford no consolation in the hour of death

There are hours of reflection when we feel it ought not so to be But our best resolutions are mixed with selfishness and we soon find ourselves [far] from duty and a stumbling block in the way of others

[ ] Time will not permit of my filling the sheet at this time so let us hear from you soon and will endeavour to be more punctual in answering

This is the third time that I have commenced writing and something unexpectedly would occur to prevent - Should this be an opportunity to send whatever belongs to us from our part of the wool wish you would send it or see that it is sent we would like it. m soon and Maria would like her black silk dress - May we not hope to hear from you once a month - is that asking too much? Tell Craig we would like to have him ask father and mother to bring him to Mass

Affectionately yoursElias [   ] Fletcher


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