Andrew Craig Fletcher to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1866 July 8

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St Albans July 8/66Dr Parrents

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Here in the office my mind wanders back to the fireside of my Childhood when I [see] my early [            ] I am well and hope these few lines will find you the same you wanted to know when I Should be at home I cant tell Mr [Stranathan] has been getting married about one ago and does not stay in the store hardly any and I have evry thing to see to Mr [Stranathan] does not know about the business and it all [       ] on me I may get away about the first of Aug for a day or two cant tell now have worked very hard for one month have not had but one boy to help me but shall have two now

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How is the calf doing now aint he an Noble fellow is my colt looking well and is his knee all right what is the kne news in Waterville, Saw Cornelia Paige and Madison [Potter] here the fourth of July she must be rich I think what is Charlie doing How is Henry Carpenter health

I am Completely tired out I have been so confined for a month back hope I shall feel a little better now shall be out on business this week some I guess

yours trulyA.C. Fletcher