[George B. Smith?] to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, no year October 26

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Malone N.Y.Oct 26thDear Bro & Sister

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Your letter Ettie of recent date came duly to hand and found us all well. We were glad to hear that your place was not burned at the time of the confligration in your burg Cord Chapmans house was three [weeks] ago last Friday [morning] and saved nearly all their stuff which was worth a very great deal. Mr [Farrac] gets $1000 insurance on house & Cord 100 on clothing & furniture all of which has been paid. I bought or at least traded my old bugy for a new one soon after you went home

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Henritt I expect to have a little money the first of Nov and I should be glad to hire enough if it be possible to pay you all up. I cannot get money here for less than 10 or 12 pr cent. But if you can use the money to an advantage and can discount the amt due sufficient to make me good or so that I will not loose to much, I will try & raise the funds. I [have] made five payments leaving three more making to the first of April -74 owe $445.30 to which add interest to Nov (7 months) $18.17 making them $463.47. How much will you throw off for the cash if I can borrow the remainder let me know right off

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