Catherine Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, no year June 6 and Catherine Smith to Katherine Fletcher, undated

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Catherine Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, undated June 6 June 6My dear Etto

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your favour was duly rec it found me close to the stove coughing fearfuly I took cold 2 weeks ago have coughed day and night ever since have not done a days work since to day I have been up most of the time my cough is getting loos las week I could not speak a loud word you say you have not herd from Ed neither have we last week Mr & Mrs Silver came to see us Mr Derby got a letter from Rill saying she had a bad cough could not write to any one but her Mother she was going up to the

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Santa Clarra mountain and take the children with her Ed was very buisy they were moving into there new store which is an eligant building Ed must be heavily taxt both mind and body you speak of B comeing over I dont see how he can unless he takes along some 2 or 3 cows for no one on the ranch can milk them but himself we milk 18 no help but Lewey the nights milk fills the pan almost full price of butter the same as with you

B not through spring work but O the potatoe bug some have ploughed up the potatos and sowed grain insted as soon as the potatoe brakes the ground they go for them the earth is alive with them

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Ed Langdon took a basket of seed potatoes on his arm to go a few rods to plant them when he put down his basket he counted 10 bugs on it the seed grasshoppers have allready done considerable damage to early sown crops

Andrew Wright has another member added to his family of the male persuason Mrs Sargent has a daughter making [3] children in one year this is being blest to often

tell Craig B got a pig yesterday to keep over was 5 week old weight 25.10 lbs


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Catherine Smith to Katherine Fletcher, undated

well Katie how goes school this summer who teaches does Carry attend school what about the Puppy and kittens Silver tale and the rest of the pets tell me about them in your next I must close for this time

with much love to allgrandmother

hoping to hear from all soon