Edward C. Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1873 May 15

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I do not understand Uncle Ed's leaving JeffersonvilleBurkeMay 15th 1873Sis & Craig

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Your telegram was received at Chateaugay and I replied in person requesting an answer but as yet I have received none and no other communication from Cambridge consequently am quite anxious to hear will send to both Chateaugay & Malone office this afternoon I want you to forward my letters that may come to the office there in another Envelop to Bent as fast as they come also all that you write to me and if it is necessary to telegraph do so to Burke to Bent. There is no one in town but our folks that know that I am here neither will they until I know that every thing

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is all right If any thing serious turns up dont fail to let me know it either by telegraph or by Craigs coming at once I will be on guard and they have got to play things sharp to catch me write when you send the trunks &.c. Sis sell the shoes and other traps for what you can get and send to me some time send my note book if you have not send the trunks together with all Books papers &.c. Has Craig received his Deputation for Deputy Tell A[    ] she had better keep that Button Hole cutter for I doubtless will not see her again Has Mr Burke Aunt Marys son inlaw come from Cal. yet if so find out when he is going back and tell me folks are all well & send love to you all write soon

Ever your BroE C S