George B. Smith to Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1873 October 16

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Burke N.Y.Oct 16th. 73Bro Craig

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Enclosed you will find check and statement of sugar sold. The last few pkgs [     ] fire and were hard to dispose of and the man to whom I sold Seven Tubs and deducted the 5# Tare from each tub was not satisfied and I agreed to make the tare all right with him when the tubs were empty. I have done the best I could with sales and as it has taken me sometime to work off the lot I will make no charges for the trouble of selling. delivering and collecting as I do not want to have you lose

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altho the shrinkage has been considerable and by throwing in my services may even the thing and get you out whole

9 Tubs 464# a13 $60.323 " 158# a12 " 18.962 "G.B.S.109# 10 1/2 " 11.456 " 304# 10 " 30.40$121.13G.B.S. Dr to A.C.F $121.13" " Crcash sent By Henrietta $60.00" Paid E C Smith 6.63" " By Mother 20.00Paid Freight 5.41Commission 0.0092.04check to Ball 29.09$121.13
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We are well and not any news to write Write on receipt of this and let us know what you are doing

Yours TrulyGeo B Smith