George B. Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1876 January 30

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Sunday Jan 30th 1876Dear Bro & Sister

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Henriettas letter of last Monday came direct to us and I was supprised to hear that you had not received the matches that you bought of Cushman. You wrote me the fore part of winter or in the fall that you had not received the matches and the next day I called at the shop and stated to Mr. C-- that you had not recd- them and he assurred me that he shiped them long before or at the time agread upon. So upon this I thought that perhaps the box was delayed on the R.R- and hearing nothing from you to the contrary until last Monday

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supposed that you had recd them all right. Last Thursday the next day after the receipt of yours I went to the Depot and requested the Agt (Sawyer) to examine the books and see if there was any thing shiped to you either towards the last of Sept or the first of Oct and the books do not show a shipment of anything to your address. I then went to the shop and laid the matter before Cushman and took him to the depot and convinced him there was no acct on the Cos- Books of such a shipment and he was as much supprised as I was. He (C) then brought me the man that wheeled the box to the on a wheel barrow and If you recolect Craig it was the blur eyed fellow that wass settling with Cushman, his grocery-at-the-fair buisness the day that we called there

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This man (Woodard) that wheeled the box is a very reliable man and he is ready to testefy that he & Cushman both went to the depo & both saw Mr Wolff one of the employees at the station, mark the box as pr directions. Both of these men have been before the Agt and ben questioned by him and think that he is satisfied that the box was delivered to the R.R.Co. and that it was thrown into the car without any records or way bill, or that it was stolen from the freight house. Cushman thinks that the box will be produced by tomorrow I think Sawyer has written to Georgia to ascertain wheather such a box has been delivered or not. I tell Cushman that I look to him for the matches as the Cos- books do not show a shipment neither has he a receipt to show that

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he has delivered such a box to the Company for shipment And I will look the thing up as soon as possible. I have been very buisy this winter hauling Hop Poles not on a sleigh but on a wagon I have two small loads more and then that will finish the entire lot (45 00) I get them at Chateaugay Lake 12 miles from here. I brought home yesterday a set of Jewetts 20 cow pans and therefore you can correctly judge that we are to make nothing but good butter from this out. I am glad that they are building the R.R. so rapidly through your place and hope that the next time I visit your place I can ride all the way on the [Train]. We have not had a days good sleighing yet singular weather all the time__ Yesterday plenty of mud froze last night pleasant suny day to day Friends are all well

Finis &cG B Smith
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Cousin Charles went home last Monday and could hardly spend time to visit us