George B. Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1880 November 14

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BurkeNov 14th 80Dear Bro & Sister

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It has indead been a long time since we had a word from you and, I suppose that you can as truithfuly say as much of this side of the house. altho I wrote you quite late in the spring or early summer and have not heard from you since some time previous. We received a letter from Mother written the 10th Oct saying that she had not been very well for some two weeks but hoped to be better soon she also Complained of not hearing from you and wanted us to remit her any late intelligence we may have from you. but we were no better posted

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than herself- Our little boy who was seven weeks old yesterday morning is strong and healthy as needs be and thus far has not seen a sick moment We call him Edward Allison - The last of summer was very dry likewise Oct and it was with dificulty that farmers could do any plowing but the last two or three weeks have had a plenty and the old dry dusty wells that have been of no use whatever during the season have but recently filled to overflowing and little fears of a water famine are apprehended The crops here were very good, Corn especially Hops full an average yield and were worth yesterday 16cts for good article

I hav about [8000] lbs and do not think of selling just yet

Aunt Lydia has written that she was coming East but we hardly know when for this is an

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old story of here but we judge that they are hard up Uncle Mose is yet at the Churn buisness and undoubtedly is making his last racket in that speciality. The friends are all well altho Uncle Sam was not very well a few days ago Yet he is better now Will it not be possible for you both to come and see us this winter altho it may be our turn to visit you Yet I think it quite unlikely that we get so far from the nursery this winter, however do not let this prevent you from coming to see us Craig the cellar is well filled 150 of potatoes seven bbls pork 13 bbls apples one cask of cider and a beaf that will be ready in a few days. It is snowing this afternoon and looks as tho winter was not far distant - Mary Brown has been with us five or six weeks this

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fall and is to teach school in the Dist the [ensueing] winter commencing tomorrow. Wont you please to write on rec_ of this and let's know all the news_ Lucy is very smart went to Malone Yesterday with me_ I have saved some Hop dust for you and there is a shawl strap here that belongs to you but will await an answer from you and until then believe me

Your BroG.B. Smith