Catherine Smith to Katherine Fletcher, [circa 1883] November 30

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BurkeNov 30Dear grand daughter

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your kind letter came to hand in due time and excuse me for not replying sooner I believe I am indebted to your mother and Sister and owe them an apoligy as well as a letter I will try to make amends for all misdeeds I was glad to hear you were well and baby was so good I was sorry to hear of Mr Edwards loss the storm was the most severe here on Friday night did a great deal of damage

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Friday night I resume the pen to night to finish this letter I commenced one week ago I have been quite poorly for the last few days to night I feel quite well Bent said he was going to Burke in the morning so I must get it reddy to send you know we are so far from the office and the roads so bad we have to improve our oportunity to send the relatives are a s well as usual Lucretia is able to go round and work some I have not seen [Jessie] but a few minutes since I came home she is at Malone to school I have not herd from Cal since I saw you B is packing a tub of butter to night

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to send them hope it will reach him all right B has not sold his hops yet waiting for a little rise in the price next week he expects to kill hogs and thrash I have been telling Eddie to day Rhett was 3 years old he says no he is 3 years old last hop picking

I am glad your Society is prospering so well Malone needs something to check intemperance I see a great many drunken men on all sides of us

yesterday was thanksgiving we spent the day alone and contented ourselves with a chicken pie I send Carrie a pair of Stockings Lucy says they are not half large

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I shall be sorry if they do not fit I have a little yarn left I will not send it now it costs so much to send by mail I presume ere this you have a teacher hired and you and Carrie are making things buzz in school and out tell your mother to write ant Lucy when it is convienant when you read this it will not be straing if you should say I think Grandma writing talent is rather small I think it is this evening excuse me I will try to do next time remember me to all who may inquire after me

yours with lovegrandma