Catherine Smith to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 March 23

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Burke.March 23/85Dear granddaughter

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I presume you think it very straing I have not written you before I have excused myself on account of poor health and treambling hand but I will do the best I can thinking you are not a critic to day I am feeling a little better it is very dificult for me to use my left arm my right one is considerablely affected I live in hopes if I can pull through untill the weather is warm I shall improve I mean my health

Last night at 20 minutes past 8 oc we had a shock of an earthquake

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it was loud and distinct we was in hopes it would bring warm weather but this afternoon it threatend us with another blizzard Emma is to her fathers is not able to go out her husband has taken Samuels farm they will move into the old house as soon as E is able jane is to be maried soon to a man by the name of Earl living south of Malone I am anxious to hear how you like school do you go home Friday write and tell me all the news I suppose your time is ocupide without writing many letters only to Grandmother remember me to all the famly and kiss to the [R-R] Yours affectionately grandma


Miss Kattie FletcherJeffersonVtBURKEN.Y.

Grandmas's last letter to K.E.F.