Catherine Smith to Family, [1885?] January 31

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BurkeJan 31Dear Children and grand children

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your kind letter is not answerd wating to feel better I have been very poorly since I came home I have not done any work worth mentioning I spun yarn enough to knit myself a pair of mittens I cannot spin untill it is warm enough so I can work up stairs B was not willing I should sleep up stairs I stay below Ed letter gives a glowing account of the new house and new fixings they moved new years day Ed Marilla say you owe them a letter

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last week I bought a battery I am not suited with it I shall change it if I can

Estabrook sold his farm last week and moved up to Sams for the preasent there is a great many people sick not expect they can recover Charlott Winkley is not expected to live

I will send you a piece of Jessie dress she was married in I have not seen her since the night of the wedding

Tell Mrs Wilcox Mrs Howard visited me yesterday they are well

have they asertained the

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cause of the cattle dying you spoke of in your last

I was much pleased with your last letter and the cordiality you manifested hoping your future may be bright and prosperous is the sincere wish of Mother and Grandmother I write in a hurry B is going to the office

so I must close hoping to hear from you soon

Love to allMother