[Katherine Fletcher] to Jessie [s.n.], 1886 April

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Cambridge, Vt.Apr. 1886.My dear cousin Jessie:-

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Your kind and welcome letter, so long ago received, I have not forgotten to answer, but have long enough neglected; and now as I grasp my pen I feel fairly ashamed to think I had not replied before, but will try and not let it occur again. I rec'd. your letter with surprise as I had about given up

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hearing from you again but shall now expect to hear from you often. I am now teaching school in town, about four miles from home. My school is small, but I do not think there is a school in town as well advanced, aside from the village school. I have a steady boarding place which is about quarter of a mile from the school-house. I am enjoying my-self tip-top. and my school work with my music takes up about all my time.