Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 November 7

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Jeffersonville VtNov 7'1886Dear Katie-.

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I will do as I promised but not as soon as I ought I did not go to school any last week but will go Monday my throat is better and also M[      ] foot May went yesterday to Mr Cleveland They are holding meeting's here now Mr Croft is the leader here last week and will next week I have been to two they are very good.

It is blowing now and it has been snowing all day, Rhett says tell Katie that the ground is covered with snow and is a bove my knees. We bought an ironing board yesterday with a combination of a wash bench and a foot ladder to use in cleaning price $2.50 Papa went and got the young cattle yesterday up in Mr Watkins pasture must close for news is a scarce article just now

Your trulyCarrie