[Mamie Flagg] to Katherine Fletcher, 1887 April 24

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Jeffersonville, Vt.,Apr. 24, --87.Dear Katie:-

Your very welcome letter was rec'd last week and should have ans. it before if I had not had so much to do, so as to let you see how glad I was to get it. Suppose you know that teachers examination was yesterday. I dont know whether I passed or not yet, but will probably know tomorrow. I have not a school engaged so I shall not feel so very bad if I should'nt

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come up to the scratch.

I should like very much to go up there in June and prehaps I can. the B.A. term closes the 20, of May and I want to attend the exercises in the evening any way.

I have not been to a sugar-party this year, but have had some on snow over to Dr. B's. and at home. - I do wish I could go some where where the people have a little more spunk than some have here. I presume you can think of some who just run around

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and gossip. I guess we will be the objects for discussion next. Lets we go some where when you get home, with a team and have our ride we planned. By the way, did you know that C.A. Weston esq. was appointed to take Sec. Manning's place and that Willis Hubbard esq. was appointed Foreign Minister to Egypt. It is rather sad to think of losing two of the most popular young men of (A. No. 1) society but as we are only counted as [ ]just common folks we wont feel the loss so much. I suppose the society bell (Miss.

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Adelade Record) also starts for foreign lands. Well I guess I have told you news enough for this week.----I wish I could see you and I bet you will laugh when I tell you something. I am as lonesome as a dog to day. They have not hired a minister here yet; I guess they are wating to have us grow up "heathens and canniabals so we will have a sent here. Dont you?

I guess I have written enough nonsence now, and dont you show this to a soul.

Your Jeff. chum(M.E.F.