Ida Barton to Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1887 June 22

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Johnson, Vt.June 22 1887Mr. Fletcher:-Dear Sir:-

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I have not been gaining in strength for past few days and this morning the doctor called, he said it would be impossible for me to go into school again before September; but with a long summer's rest, if I were careful, I might be able to work hard this fall and winter.

I thought you ought to know as soon as possible just how the matter stands, as soon as I am strong enough I shall

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ride down and see to my things.

It is a great disappointment to me to give up my school but no other way opens now,

Ida Patch is the only teacher near here who is at liberty, if you wanted her I think you could secure her.

But it would be much better for the scholars to have the four weeks put on to the other two terms; it would increase the public money for with the two schools the attendance would undoubtedly be larger than with one.

Possibly I might be able to go back Monday but I couldn't hold out and it will be better not to try.

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Please remember me to Mrs. Fletcher, Carrie, Rhett and Ray, also to any and all of my scholars.

Very Respectfully_Ida M. Barton.