Will Newcomb to Katherine Fletcher, 1888 April [26?]

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Johnson, Vt.Apr. 2[6], 1888Dearest friend:-

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you gave me the liberty of writing to you, why of course I will for I take a great deal of comfort in reading & writing letters to my friends.

Every thing in Johnson is quiet & the times are dull.

I sometimes wish that I were in school now, but when I give it a second thought

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and let my thoughts rest on a certain teacher that never liked me very well I do not care to return.

Do you ever wish that you were in the old school room again? And do you intend to go away somewhere else to school?

Miss Baker told me that she intended taking a three years course in the St. Johnsbury acadimy.

I hope that it will be my good fortune to go to some other school.

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I have just written a letter to "sister Joey" I suspose that you correspond with her How did you like the Shepherd Family this year?

It was the best thing that I have attended scince school was out

When I think of those times that I was trying to keep on the right side of you, & to think how "green" I must have appeared to you the first night that I carried you to any entertainment, and

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andthen to cap the whole that little affair that happened one Friday night it makes me laugh every time that I think of it.

How does it strike you?

We had to many willing friends to help us.

Don't you think that was it?

If I stay at home this summer I will get a fine horse & a top buggy & come down and get you, and we will

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go to Waterville, drive past the house two or three times just to let them know that they have not made us enemies.

Do you agree to all this.

I will make it all right with Ober & the other fellow.

Did Blanche ever tell any tales of me to you?

I knew that you and Blanche were not on the best of terms.

I presume that you know that Welch and

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Miss Waterman were married last Thursday. I expect that it was a grand affair.

Pleas do not let any one read this letter "unless you want to." As I do not think of any thing more to write this time, I will close "for this time" & will try and do better next time.

Hoping to hear from you soon I remain your ture friend in spite of Missis ----

your darlingWJNewcomb

P.S. Are you a going to have any cabinets taken this spring if so I would like to exchange