Cyrus Cornelius Pratt to Ruth Fletcher, 1881 June 4

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Iowa Mutual Aid Association.Ottumwa, Iowa, June 4th 1881Dear Aunt

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Yours was rec'd in due time. The same day I rec'd a letter from aunt Wyatt, a thing that has never before in my life, letters from my two loved relatives the same day & they so far seperated. Mrs W. was then in Fondu Lac Wis. She is now in New Hampton Ia. & will come to see me this Summer.--I was indeed very glad to hear from you. it seems like old times when I can get letters from my relatives. We are now all comfortably well. the Babies have been poorly for a-while but are now all right. I had hoped to have their Photos for you by this time. but the change I have recently made in business relations has kept me on the jump all the time. My taking hold of this Association will materially aid me. I think I can easily realize $5,000. per annnum. it opens out beyond our most sanguine expectations, but will demand my undivided time for a-while and I fear will oblige me to put off my visit to Vt this

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year. I must "make hay while the Sun shines" as I have children to look after now. I have $26,000, Life Ins' & if I drop off suddenly like my Father & Mother did they will not be left destitute like I was. My health is fine. and I will try if possible to come this year. but I fear I cannot as I am now needed every day.

I heard from Mary recently they were then all well.- Auntie you aught to write to Bro Levi. he lives at Mt Ayr Ringgold Co Iowa. It would make him truly happy to hear from you.-

Please give my Love to Uncle Andrew, Aunt Lydia & her Husband & to your children. Hoping you are all well I send with much love

Your Affectionate NephewC.C. Pratt