Cyrus Cornelius Pratt to Ruth Fletcher, 1884 May 27

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I received yours of the 19th last night and hasten to reply.- I assure you it would afford me great pleasure to visit you this year. I fear I am to be disappointed. My business is growing on my hands to such a rate that I can hardly find time to eat & sleep.- My Ins schemes embrace a vast arrea of territory. This Asso takes the No States, at Dalton Ga the Southern, My Live Stocks look one in Iowa & one in Ga.- making me in effect the Secy & Mgr of four companies.- After I get them in fine working trim I will have more time & more money.- At the present time business piles up on us.- In this Office we are now ten days behind, and I see no possible chance to get away even for a few days only on business.- Mary & I have not met since she returned. This A.M. I wrote her to ask her & Aunt Mandana Wyatt who is with her to come to Lincoln, as I cannot get away.- I expect them the last of this week. You can depend upon it if I can possibly find

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a chance I will slip away, for I am very anxious to see you again.- I don't understand you in regard to Aunt Lydia.- probably Mary can tell me how it is.- Bro. Levi, lives at Mt Ayr Ringgold County Iowa.- he was well the last I heard from him.-

Mr Harvey's sister Mary is visiting them now, she lives at St Johnsbury Vt.- I know absolutely nothing of our Colton relatives, shall be glad to resume correspondence with them.- Mary can post me as to their address.-

I hope you will kindly remember me to Uncle & the Children, aunt Lydia & all the friends I ever knew in my "Mountain Home" Accept my best wishes for yourself and the fond hope that the good Lord will make your latter days peaceful & happy.-

With best wishes toward all I am Dear Aunt your Affectionate NephewC.C. Pratt