Letter from JOHN PORTER to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated April 14, 1857.

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Quichee Village April 14, 1857

Dear Sir,

I recd. the accompanying papers yesterday from Mr. Williams -- I have attentively read your draft of the report to the Governor, and the statements therein are correct. I have alterations or amendments to suggest, believing that it fully represents the deliberations and views of the Committee.

Very respectfully yoursJohn Porter

Hon. Geo. P. Marsh

References in this letter:

Norman Williams, (1791-1868) was a State Senator in 1854 and 1855 before he was named by Governor Fletcher, to the committee which oversaw the construction of the new State House in Montpelier, to replace the building destroyed by fire in 1857.

Governor Ryland Fletcher, (1799-1885), was born in Cavendish, Vermont. He was the first distinctly Republican Governor of the state of Vermont, and was active in the anti-slavery movement. On January 6, 1857, during his administration, the State House in Montpelier was destroyed by fire, and he appointed a committee to oversee the reconstruction.

John Porter, (1798-1886), of Hartford, Vermont, was State Senator for the years 1842 and 1843, a probate judge for the district of Hartford for the years of 1850-1886, as well as serving as a commission to oversee the reconstruction of the State House in Montpelier.