Letter from CHARLES ELIOT NORTON to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated December 1, 1869.

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Publication InformationVilla d'Elcifuori porta S. Gallo.Dec. 1, 1869.Dear Mr. Marsh

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Every day since receiving your kind note I have tried to see you at the office of the Embassy,--but every day I have been too early or too late. I hope for better fortune tomorrow, but I write this lest the same ill luck should then attend me. If the weather should be fairly good,--of which I fear there is little chance,--my sisters hope to see Mrs. Marsh tomorrow. My Mother never makes visits,--and I am sorry to say that my wife's health is such that for the present she is forced to deny herself the pleasure

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of seeing Mrs. Marsh.

Your being here is a very great satisfaction to us all, and I desire very much to have the pleasure of seeing you.

With kindest regards from the ladies of my family to Mrs. Marsh & yourself, & with my own sincere & cordial respect, I remain,

Faithfully Yours.