Letter from CHARLES ELIOT NORTON to GEORGE PERKINS MARSH, dated January 8, 1870.

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Publication InformationVilla d'Elci.Jan. 8, 1870

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Dear Mr. Marsh

Thank you for your very kind note. We were all truly sorry,--my Mother and my wife especially so,--to miss the pleasure of seeing Mrs. Marsh and yourself when you were so good as to come to our villa a few days since.

I should have tried to see you, and should have done myself the honor of calling on Mrs. Marsh on Thursday, but for a cold which housed me for a few days.

The pleasanter weather of the spring will, I hope, be of service to Mrs. Marsh, & make social communication more easy.

Your kind invitation to dinner on Tuesday (11) at 6 P.M., gives us much pleasure, and one of my sisters, Miss Sedgwick, and I are very happy to

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accept it.

With my best respects & regards to Mrs. Marsh, I remain

Respectfully & most truly Yours.