Letter from GEORGE PERKINS MARSH to CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, dated December 5, 1869.

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Publication InformationVilla FariniDec 5' 69

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Dear Mr Norton

I am much obliged to you for giving me an opportunity of seeing the Drers & Rembrandts, and will avail myself of it tomorrow. I said to Mrs Norton that I would endeavor to be at the villa at 10. A.M. but Mrs Marsh has reminded me of engagements which put it out of my power to go so early, & I hope it will not incommode you if I change the hour to 2 P.M.

We have heard of a young lady, French on the mother's side, Italian on the father's, who, we think, will very probably answer your purpose. She is recommended by Mrs Eyre wife of the Banker Eyre, an estimable

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person who has lived many years in Florence and knows the family well.

I will give you further details when I see you.

In the mean time, I am, with best regards to the ladies of your family, Very truly yoursGeo P Marsh