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Publication InformationBoston June 11..1857.

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Mr. Marsh,

My Dear Sir

You letter of the 9th inst. came to hand this morning. I am pleased to learn that as you are so well pleased with the perspective view of the proposed building. The picture is in a half finished condition, and as I ment to state to you in my last, is absolutely [...], and using, in many of its details. The aim in making it was to give the general disposition of the parts, and the great idea of the whole as such, being subject to revision, in the redrawing amp;c. The several points for consideration in you letter I have read with care, and pleasure. All you say in regard to the tympanum decoration shall be remembered. Of course we have no authority to authorize of the kind to be made and we should not take a single step in regard to it. I thought the effect would be fine on the pictue and I put it in. Should anything ever be put in the tympanum care should be exercised as to what is put in. I shall write you soon in regard to the matter. The windows of the perspective (back of portico) are I will see to the thing in due season. He followed another drawing in that respect. You next speak of the consols under the sills where

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caps are not used. I think you labor under some misapprehension in regard to the of our window sills. They are far from being very projecting. You think the Doric will not warrant any consoles beneath the sills. I can go farther than that, and think no are warranted or even window themselves. All are . We do not hesitate to put in windows and dressing ab libatim and if we do that I think we are warranted in putting consoles beneath the sills if we think best. We talked of caps I am aware under the portico and decided that even modern taste did not warrant them as caps are designed for shelter. The consoles are for are for support and as there are large architraves to support. I think good taste would not absolutely reject them. To me windows look unfinished without them. We must not lose signt of the fact that nearly all the decoration of any kind save the order itself we put on our building is put on by permission of a lisence we I shall keep the Grecian Architecture well in view in making all my finish and scrupulously avoid all circles or any decoration which is not . Your 3rd question related to the dome. In a drawing everything is near the eye. Should I make things look well there they would look ill in execution. The gives a fair idea of the dome but not entirely correct. The working drawings will make the thing more elliptical if you desire it. They will not be made for some monthes yet, The chimnies on the ends of the wings will need to remain but the rest I can and will entirely disguise. None shall appear on the main building. The part of your letter relating to

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the correction of the roof amp;c. And what relates to the dampness of the floors amp;c. I will reserve for another communication. You will hear from me soon. I will simply say here that the floor shall be attended to. . Please send the drawing to me as soon as you are done with it. If anything is done before September we must set the men at work as it at once. The Lithographer says the men are expecting to rusticate after the 4th of July and that if de does not begin it soon they will leave it half done. He promises to have it out Aug 1st. Please write the doctor imediatly in regared to it. I am inclined to think with you that gronds enough show on the drawing I sent you & that we had better call that in the main about the thing as even some less scenery if you say so.

I am yours in haste but trulyThomas W. Silloway

121 Court St.