Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Newport NewsJune 9thMy Dear Maria

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As I have time this after noon to myself I will ocupy it in conversing with you for a while. To day is Sunday and a very pleasant day it is, not being as warm as heretofore. This forenoon we went through with inspection of guns Knapsacks &c and immediately after that we attended divine Service by forming the regt into a hollow Square The preacher and Singers ocupying the Centre and as G Blake & I were one of the Singers we were in rather a conspicuous position. Chaplin Stone preached to us a very good Sermon and I think the Effect was good as all listened with intense interest. The piece we sang last was “Sweet Home” and during the time my mind was caried back to our

Two of our boys are sick with the Measles viz Richardson & Edwards but not very sick

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little home in Swanton and with the aid of imagination I could see you and the Children with myself in the little Sitting room Enjoying our Sunday of rest in the maner we have done oftentimes in the past And that we may again be in the same Situation is my hope desire and that the time will be shortened for us again to meet is my prayer. Day after tomorrow our time is half out and the remaining Six weeks will pass off quickly no doubt and then we will in joy meet to love Each other more than ever before. I recd your letter dated at Dorset with much pleasure and the pictures which Carrie made were of much balm to me as well as the lines penned by yourself. I also recd a letter from Father and one from Elisha

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and one from Lucy and one from J.P. Jewett so you see I am quite favored with letters as well as news papers. Lu tells me that she is going home on a visit this Summer about the first of July and She wishes that I might be there at that time and drink with her to the health of the Conquered rebels but that her wish will be gratified I have but little or no hopes. Elisha says that our garden is looking well and all is right about the house. Nothing has hapened here since I last wrote you of much interest. Troops are Continually arriving at the fort as we hear and it is thought by some that something is to be done before long We now have here abt 4000 men but the the Two last regts that arrived are outside the breastwork One of the

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regts is the New York fourth and the other is Hawkins Zouaves. they are both fine regts and will soon be intrenched on our right and left We still continue to get false alarms and while I have been writing three guns have been fired by the Sentinels but no attention is paid to it as this has got to be an old story, and we wait for the long roll of the drum. We have now got the most of our hard work done and in a few days we will have our Magazines finished. We have to be up at 4oc in the morning and My business is to form the Company and Call the Roll immediately after. We Eat breakfast at half past five and when at work it seems a long time till dinner time I will call this a finished letter for this time and will write some to Father and Jewett but you need not take pattern and write so short but if it takes you two days let it Contain all the news. Kiss the Children and give my love to all.

Your Aff HusVal