Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Newport News VaJuly 18Dear Maria

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I recd two letters from you one last and one night before last and right glad was I to get them and I thought if it was as much pleasure for you to recieve letters as for me I would not miss writing to you often. I was glad to Know you were well and that Sister Lu. had been and made you a visit and that she intends to stay in Swanton so long for I would be sorry not to see her but as it is I will have a chance to visit with her for a long time or rather she with us I suppose she has got a nice baby. Jewett had a letter from his wife last night and she spoke of Lucys being there and said she had a very pretty Child with black Eyes

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I have not heard from Swanton for some time but Expect a letter from there Evry day and I hope to hear the news with regard to Ellen but why something has not happened before now I cant tell. I supposed that she would be Confined before the 1st of July by what the Doctor wrote me. There is nothing new to write you from here though I have some news to tell you with regard to myself and you will be pleased with it I am sure and that is that I have got so that I like tomatoes first rate and have just had a good sup of them I guess you think now that I will not be so loth to plant some another year. They are very plenty around here and when the boys go out after Potatoes they bring in their haver Sacks full of them and the supply will be inexaustable as long as we stay for there are acres and acres planted to them within a few miles of our Camp

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My health is improving, though rather slowly but I think I shall gain faster as my stomach gets Stronger and I am in hopes that by the time we get home I shall be Strong and tuff I wrote you a few days ago that two of our men were not Expected to live but now things look more favorable and their recovery is possible and altogether probable and things look as though we should all go back together as we Came and I hope it may be so for to leave one of our boys here would be a sad thing to me. The topic of conversation now amongst the boys is about going home and all sorts of rumors are afloat with regard to the time we shall go but I think none of us will Know till the time arrives and the boat allready to receive us. There is some talk that we are to go to Brattleborough by the way of New Haven and be Mustered out

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There but I dont make any Calculations on the time or place but we will be out before the 9 of Aug I am pretty sure and if it is possible I will be at Danby a day or two but there will be a pleanty of time to Know about these things and be prepared for them. Kingsley writes that I must have a pretty hard time on account of the wildness of our boys, but I think they will average with the other Co.s without it is the Rut Co. It is given in by All that they are the best Co. here and Composed of the best material though they are not perfect, and as for my having a hard time, I have got along first rate with all the boys and I think they are Suited with me at any rate appear to be. Tell Carrie I will be much pleased to see her little tumbler but much more to see her with her curly hair and sparkling Eyes. Old Fred I can hardly imagine how he looks with his hoop Skirt on he must be a fancy looking chap. I will doctor them when I get hold of him. This will answer for this time so you may give my love to all accept a Kiss for yourself and Children.

Your aff HusVal G Barney