Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp Sigel NearWinchester Va Aug 15, 62Dear Wife,

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I presume you will think it about time you heard from me again and as it is a pleasant task to write you I will not delay any longer. Since I last wrote we have moved our camp but not to the place where I expected. we are now just to the East Corner of the fort and very pleasantly situated though not in the woods. The 32d Ohio mooved over where I thought we should and the woods where our old Camp was is all cut down being done last night after midnight by moon light and after that [how] the constant crashing of falling trees made very pleasant music to sleep by. I expect by the movements that we are to remain here for some time and probably our regt will garrison the fort. I have detailed 7 men from our Co. to man the

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large guns so I have 9 men detailed on guns now The fort is quite a formidable one and it will take quite a number of Rebels to take it from us. the sketch I sent you the other day is a scaly concern but showed the position only The fort mounts 15 guns 4 large Columbiads 1 Parrot gun and the rest Howitsers & heavy Artilery we have also a Battery of Ohio Artilery on the west side of the ft and a Battery of mountain Howitsers joining our Regt. I was pleased to heat that H. Platt got the place of Capt in the S- Co. I presume they will be here in 2 or 3 weeks. I recd a letter from Jewett last night he was at Brattleboro with H. Co. he thought that Elisha would get the majorship of the 10th but we have news here that a man by the name of Eaton has got the appointment I hope it is not so for I want to see E- with the 10th in Winchester before long. I am glad that Chas Roby is going as waiter for Capt Platt

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for he will be so much better of than to go into the ranks. but he will have a pleanty to do if he tends to his business snug as it is no easy place Sartwell says he would have been homesick if he had not got in with me but he is pleased now with his position. I have sent two of my men to the Genl Hospital Sergt Halbert will have a run of Fever. Westover is not very sick but wanted to go so I let him go he is the same boy who went around with hand bills at S- was often my waiter and on the whole a [] concern The rest of the Co are pretty well. I believe there is 8 men on Sick list. I had a little run of summer complaint yesterday but feel pretty well to day and guess it will do me good. I had a corn starch pudding for dinner but it was not as good as you make but done well for camp You can not expect long letters when I write so often I got your 7th letter night before last write all the news to

your aff Val